Some Advances In Medicine That Are Worth Knowing

The knowledge is constantly evolving thanks to scientists and researchers from all areas daily struggle to solve human problems or to answer riddles of all kinds.

In the area of Medicine, this evolution is particularly necessary to find a cure for diseases that take the lives of thousands of people around the world every year. But in addition, it is important to understand the so-called rare or rare diseases that attack a small number of the population and, in most cases, do not have a specific cure.

Fortunately, every year scientists and researchers dedicated to Medicine advance in the understanding of certain diseases and phenomena, solving some of the most complex enigmas in the area. 2017 was no exception and, in fact, was an extremely productive year for the generation of knowledge related to Medicine. We review the 10 +1 most outstanding medical advances:

Insulin Patches And Pumps

One of the main problems of diabetics is the constant need to insert insulin through injections. But in 2017, both insulin pumps and patches were created that eliminates the need to worry about needles.

Contact Lenses To Correct Vision Problems

Companies like Google and Samsung have worked tirelessly together with teams of engineers and doctors to create bionic lenses that can definitively improve vision problems, without the need to use traditional and sometimes uncomfortable glasses.

3D Fabrics

To solve problems caused by burns and other types of tissue damage, 3D bioprinters have evolved to the point of printing fully adaptable tissues to the human body.

Frozen Molecules

Jaques Dubochet, Joachim Frank, and Richard Henderson won the 2017 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for their work that uses electronic cryomicroscopy to freeze molecules and understand their behavior. This technique allows us to better understand the functioning of cells, create remedies to combat certain diseases, and much more.

Medicine and Big Data

It is worth mentioning the great influence that Big Data technology is having in the field of Medicine. Did you know that your mobile phone can be a key tool in the Medicine of the future? It is likely that now you already have an application those measures your heart rate and the calories you burn when you play sports. Thus, it is easy to imagine that an app will be able to monitor your health status or create patterns to be able to anticipate pathologies or diseases thanks to Big Data.